Go Go Olympics!!!

I love the winter Olympics!!! This years games leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth though. So much shitty stuff surrounding the event, that rubs off on it in a bad way. Everything from gay rights to public display and capture of innocent animals darkens the Olympics this time. I don’t like Russia, I really, really dislike the politics and the closeminded people that get to much attention.

There you have it..



I will watch, OFC!

You couldn’t drag me away from the TV, how much you tried.

And for the first time I’m doing the Ravellenics thing aswell. I’ll be knitting socks, cowls, fingerless gloves and whatnot. As much as I can manage these 16 days. Hopefully the kiddos will behave 😀 😀


I have some stuff planned so far.



Tesseract cowl


The last one depends on if I can find a yarn I like enough. The yarn for the others, I have pretty much decided on already 🙂



Happy Olympics!!!

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